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Care and support enabling residents to live as full, interesting and independent a life as possible

Lilliput House Rest Home is suitable for elderly ladies and gentlemen with varying care needs. Assistance is provided with bathing, washing and dressing (if desired) . – For short-term illnesses and minor ailments additional care is provided under the guidance of of their own doctor or district nurse . Staff are available at all times including awake staff throughout the night to provide extra support and help but nursing care cannot be provided. 

Who the service is intended to support? All prospective service users and their families are invited to the home to evaluate the quality and available facilities in order to make a fully informed choice about the suitability of their new residence. An initial care assessment will be conducted to ensure that LIlliput House Rest Home is able to provide a suitable environment where the individuals needs are met. If Lilliput House is considered a suitable placement, the Manager will make an offer of a residential place in writing. If necessary the service user will be placed on the waiting list. Once the individual moves in, a comprehensive assessment is carried out with a consultation from them or their representative and care plan formulated from this. 

Service Users Saftey; Lilliput House is equipped with a fire alarm system and all rooms have fire doors. Staff receive fire training every 3 months and we have a strict policy in place. Fire instructions are displayed in the main entrance hall for everyone to read. All visitors are required to sign in and out of the home, to increase safety measures. – All staff are regularly trained on other emergency procedures. Copies of our policies and procedures are kept in the lounge. – All prospective service users and their families are able to make an appointment with the Proprietors or the Manager if they with to see the facilities, or if you require further information please see our Contact Page 

Policies and Procedures; Our Manager katie Jackson ensures all Polocies and Procedures are in place for ever aspect of the Home. These are regularly updated and read and signed off by staff. We have written and hard copies of all our policies and procedures that are kept in the lounge fo anyone to view. consequatur!

Privacy, Dignity, Independance, Choice, Fulfilment