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Wellness & Activities

We Value our Service Users Health and Wellbeing

Lilliput House offers a range of different types of activities that ensure there are options on offer suitable to all our residents, regardless of interests and ability.

Activities provided within the home run week days. Of course, no one is forced to join our activities but we do encourage our residents to be involved to increase their social interaction, mental stimulation and most importantly, their enjoyment.

Our activity Coordinator develops and plans activities, outings and events. We take a special interest in developing and planing activities and events tailored to our servie users needs and abilitys.

Our residents do make lasting friendships in our homes and enjoy a good giggle together during our activities!

Day Trips

We offer our service users a varied lifestyle choices. Day trips are an important part of an active social life, which our service users continue to enjoy even though they are in residential care. 

They provide a cultural experience and a change from the home setting. Trips reflect the desires, interests and level of ability of our Service Users. We opperate on a first come first serve basis although we are fair to all and occasionally A small charge is made to cover the cost of the trip.