Leading happy, fulfilled lives
on the south coast

A new life, a fresh start

Like many Poole care homes, we offer comfort, security and independence to help you take a step forward towards a better lifestyle. We just do things a little differently.

When you make the move from life on your own to life in a residential care home, you have a right to expect better care and greater happiness. Residential care for the elderly is not about marking time. It’s an opportunity to spread your wings – to make new friends and try new activities.

That’s how it is at Lilliput House.

A community as well as a home

Everyone at Lilliput House has their own space. We have 54 en-suite rooms, each with its own furniture and TV. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own furniture to make yourself comfortable and feel more at home.

At Lilliput, you can take life at your own pace. You need never feel overwhelmed because we tend to gather in small groups for our different activities. With a split dining room and numerous sitting areas to choose from, you can easily find your own comfort level within a group of like-minded friends. When you want a change, you can explore what other residents are doing, or take some time on your own.

Outside there are delightful gardens and a warm, cosy sun trap in summer. The doors are open so you can come and go as you please.

Once every three months, we have a group meeting in which everyone can air their views on any aspect of life in our residential home. For example, we discuss what activities residents would like to see, what food they have enjoyed or want to have changed, and whether there are any special celebrations we need to mark in some way. We also use the meetings to keep residents up-to-date with any scheduled renovations. You don’t have to be shy about speaking up..

Fabulous fresh local food

We keep our menus varied, with residents regularly asked for their input on what they would like to have added. Food is cooked each day in our own kitchens using fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish. And for those all-important celebrations, we enjoy birthday cakes made by our very own chef. From time to time, and as a special treat, we get to sample cakes and biscuits cooked by our own residents.

Superb standards of care

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of care at Lilliput House. In its most recent inspector’s report,  the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated us as good across all categories for care homes in Poole, Dorset.

Operating what the CQC defines as a ‘care home without nursing’, we can look after residents without dementia or those not requiring long-term nursing care. We are always fully staffed, and a district nurse visits regularly.

CQC reports and word of mouth are the only reliable ways to judge the quality of care in a residential care home. We score well on both counts: to find out why people recommend us so enthusiastically for live-in care in Dorset, come along and see for yourself what we do.