Never a dull moment

A happy and fun-filled lifestyle

Our residents enjoy life at Lilliput House. They eat well, they’re warm, comfortable, and well-cared-for. Above all, their minds are active. There really is never a dull moment in this Dorset care home.

We have two activity coordinators who maintain a varied programme that fills all seven days of the week.

It’s not all about being social and on your feet. There are plenty of opportunities to be active and joyful, but just as much time to be quiet and reflective. There’s something for everyone. Do you like gardening? Then why not help us keep our gardens in tip-top condition? Perhaps you enjoy demonstrating your artistic flair through painting or testing your problem-solving skills with a challenging puzzle? .

But it’s all about you and what you like doing. Before you move in we’ll talk to you in detail about your hobbies and likes and dislikes, so that when you arrive you will have the chance to continue what you enjoy, as well as try new activities.

Find out more about our activities at our care home in Poole.

Space to be yourself

We recognise that all our residents are individuals, and that you may not want to participate in all the activities in our programmes. If you prefer your own company, there’s absolutely no pressure to join in. You’ll always find at least one quiet room for a cup of tea and a chat or to simply sit with your own thoughts. There are also plenty of benches in the garden for you to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings.

In your own room, you can always shut the door on the world for complete tranquility and solitude.

Lots to do nearby

For anyone visiting south-west care homes or Dorset care homes, our residential home also makes a great base for a family day out. You and your visitors can do anything from taking the chain ferry from Sandbanks to exploring the wildlife at Brownsea Island.

Staff who love their work

Come and visit us, meet us, talk to us.  See for yourself how lovely we are. How our energy, kindness and friendliness makes us an essential part of our Lilliput House care home community.  Visitors are always welcome to our care home in Poole.

Something to live for

There is no one marking time at Lilliput House. Instead, we inspire our residents to live their best lives every day. We’ve also found our focus on enjoyment and enrichment means patients recover from illness quickly.

Even patients who return to us from hospital with a poor prognosis often surprise their doctors with how they perk up.

Why not come and see it for yourself?

Our families are
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